About us

O.R.T. Industria was born in 1981 in Olmi di San Biagio di Callalta in a small warehouse, driven by the two founding members’ will to create an outstanding firm in the industry of small metal items. Over the years O.R.T. Industria has witnessed such an exponential growth that in 1998 it moved from the initial small place where it had started its business to the current one. Today the company has 83 employees, whose average age is 34; they are highly motivated in pursuing constant innovation and improvement. A specialized engineering department can assist our customers and meet all their customizations requests.


Punctuality and flexibility have always been O.R.T. Industria’s distinguishing features, since customers are constantly placed in the foreground. O.R.T. Industria keeps up to the high standards achieved thanks to very well trained staff, a set of traditional and state-of-the-art machinery, and excellent management and organizational skills. 


O.R.T. Industria’s, with its 100% made in Italy products, is synonymous with efficient service and top quality!