Vision and Mission



The future of this B2B company is closely related to that of its customers. In this period of uncertainty and global economic difficulties, O.R.T. Industria has succeeded in becoming a reliable partner of the major local companies, devoting its efforts to achieving better product differentiation, adapting to any kind of business, as well as effectively meeting the needs of its customers. One of the keys of the company's success lies in the satisfaction of the staff and the opportunities of professional growth, the creation of new jobs and the respect for the environment.



Thanks to its ability to manufacture any kind of small metal items with very high standards in terms of flexibility and production capacity, O.R.T. Industria can satisfy all of its customer’s needs, whilst guaranteeing good value for money and prompt deliveries at the most convenient place. This allows its customers to focus on their core business, thus increasing the value of their products and improving service towards the final consumer.